– the Oral-B brand online shop

This is our another implementation under WellCommercePro. If you have not read our previous post about Gillette Shave Masters yet, you can familiarise yourself with it here. has been created in order to promote the Oral-B brand products among dental patients that belong to the Oral-B collaborative network – hence the web service name, which means exactly a partner surgery [in Polish “gabinet partnerski”].

The purpose of the online shop


The role of the online shop in the whole venture is simple, yet pivotal – when making use of the services of a dental surgery, its patients receive discount vouchers which can be then used at Thanks to the vouchers the patients can take advantage of products on offer at a lower price.
Those who do not possess any vouchers are also entitled to use the online shop and to purchase products at a standard price.

Creating the online shop

We have designed a dedicated mechanism used for redeeming the vouchers in such a way that it constitutes the primary function of the shop. That is why a place to enter the code is available from almost every subpage. As a result of redeeming a voucher is that all the products are displayed at a discounted price.
The particular webpages have been created as to enable the administrators to mark out the selected products easily and the users to have a chance to browse a whole range of in-stock products very fast.


Due to the fact that most visitors are those who did not have enough motivation to familiarise themselves with the Oral-B products, and their visit was caused by receiving a voucher, the key issue was to enable the users to learn easily about the products database offered by the web service and provide an opportunity to make the best choice. Therefore, we have devised a network of products which does not demand reloading the webpage, and the user is able to return to the products recently browsed from almost every webpage with a single click. In order to make sure that the visitor of the shop is not going to miss any product, before managing an order, the shop offers complementary products that can be added to cart by single-clicking.

See how looks like and how it works. If you have any questions about this project or any project managed by us – write at or contact us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.