We are looking for a Symfony Developer to join our team

Who we are?

A bunch of random guys looking for a new teammates gifted with superpowers :)

What we expect?

Good skills are crucial, but your personality and engagement is much more important for us.

We need ambitious, passionate people who want to change e-commerce industry with us. Our expectations:

  • easy-going, friendly personality
  • engagement
  • desire to improve your skills and become a PHP-Rockstar someday
  • communicative english, we should understand each other, you don't have to be a native speaker
  • open mind

Well, of course we do require a decent experience and knowledge in diverse technologies/techniques used in our company on a daily basis:

You should:

  • have minimum 1 year experience with Symfony 2, it's a strict requirement, knowledge of other frameworks isn't necessary,
  • have strong PHP OOP skills,
  • be familiar with Doctrine 2 ORM, ODM will be a plus,
  • be able to use and extend Twig,
  • write clean & maintainable code and test it,
  • love Git/GitHub/TravisCI/Composer as we do

You don't:

  • have to be a front-end developer but you should have a basic understanding of Twitter Bootstrap & jQuery to collaborate in a convenient way
  • need to know everything about infrastructure, servers, configuration etc. It's not your responsibility

What we offer?

We’re no longer a start-up. We already have almost a decade of experience in implementing dedicated e-commerce solutions. Few weeks ago we just announced our 3rd platform and this is the big one, because we’re going global.
Our baby didn’t even reach Beta and we got into the weekly trending repositories on GitHub. The same piece of software hits Platinum Medal on SensioLabs Insights and 9.9 score on Scrutinizer. Sounds impressive?

Then join us! Our team is really small right now, but we need to grow fast, so the sooner you get on board, the more profitable your engagement will be in a long term.

Right now we’re working remotely, so the location isn’t an issue, but to be honest - we prefer folks living in Lodz, Warsaw or Cracow - Poland.

Don’t expect Xbox or free food from us. You won’t be on vacation at work, but it’ll be adventurous too. We will do our best so you can afford them :).

Salary will depend on your experience, skills & engagement. It is your job to give us your expectations. Our current pain threshold is $21000 a year (net) and there is no minimum.


Catch us: jobs@wellcommerce.org