WellCommerce Pre-Beta Release

We have been waiting for this day for over a year since we started working on a brand new e-commerce platform and today with great pleasure we are happy to show you the results of our hard work and many years of experience - WellCommerce Open-Source Pre-alpha. Yes, that is correct, we are launching pre-alpha version because we cannot wait for you to take this code into your own hands to make sure that the final version is rock-solid.

As the creators of the first Polish open source e-commerce platform - Gekosale, established in 2008 and WellCommerce SaaS version which started in 2012, we have gained extensive experience in the design and development of shopping software as well as in dedicated implementations for small and corporate customers. Now we want to share our expertise to revolutionize e-commerce market globally and we’re sure we know how to do it. It will not be possible overnight and we won’t make it alone, we need partners for this purpose - experts in their respective industries: software developers, graphic designers, marketers, SEO, UX and logistics experts and many, many others. With over 7 years of experience we know how important it is to cooperate with partners.

We will provide you - hopefully future partners, the tools with which you could attract new customers easier than ever before, and you - hopefully future customers, the tools that will allow you to focus on the development of your businesses, having at your disposal all specialists which you will ever need in one place.

All this to ensure that everyone involved in the WellCommerce community will experience the platform capabilities in the best way possible. OK! You already know the big picture of our plans, now it's time for a bit of specifics.

What is WellCommerce?

It’s a modern open source e-commerce platform, which has been created from scratch on Symfony2 Full-stack framework, with a background of many years of experience gained through creation and development of 2 platforms and dedicated implementations for small family firms and large corporations, with whom we had the pleasure to work with.

What’s important about WellCommerce?

Well, we have:

  • multi-store functionality, which allows you to manage multiple stores with a single dashboard;
  • simple in-dashboard modules installation coming soon;
  • multi-language and multi-currency support;
  • hasslefree management of shop catalogue, configuration, products variants, orders and clients;
  • responsive default theme;
  • full-text search engine based on Zend Lucene, Elastica will be supported soon;
  • user friendly template mechanism, easier than the default one used in Symfony2;
  • we are uncompromising in terms of technology and we cherish devs, therefore we have developed many own libraries to handle forms, datagrids, datasets.

Who are WellCommerce?

We are a small group of experienced and ambitious, but still young people who see the industry differently and decided to bring their fresh ideas to life.

What’s the WellCommerce’s idea?

Our goal is to provide the best tools for doing business online, that you can imagine. We are equally serious about the technology and business models - we believe both are as much important to focus on, to make any company matter and any collaboration working.

Where are we going?

Today we’re giving you the first version of our newest baby. We hope you like it and participate in it’s development so we can publish Beta soon ;)

In the meantime we work on the apps market, which would be much more than just a market so stay tuned on this one too.

As long as we cherish devs, we will prove it to you with some exciting functionalities, which will help you focus on your actual work. Please just keep in mind that every great project needs time to take off. We’re continuing working hard and inviting you to join the journey.

Now, get your hands on the code and let us know what you think of it:

Demo - frontend
Demo - dashboard